Travel to Electrify

About Solution

The Solution is very simple and straightforward, anyone can build it as his/her own and can use this solution to save electricity bills specially in those areas/countries where people have to pay a huge amount of their earnings as electricity bill.

What we need to in this solution is to just install an additional battery in our Car or what ever vehicle new use, and set up this battery in such a manner that when your car batter is fully charged the charging circuit will direct the charging current to this battery and when the main car battery is drained to a specified level the charging current will again be shipped to the main battery. This way while travelling we will have both batteries charged and the energy which was being wasted when main battery was fully charged is now harnessed and is being transferred to the additional battery.

On reaching home this batter will be plugged into a circuit at you home by means of a cable and connector and will be used to light some external lights or ti power what ever appliance you want to power with this energy based on the size of additional battery.

The main idea is to harness the energy which is being wasted and to use it to reduce the electric bill.



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