About Solution is a platform for connecting Communities in the #sharing economy. It is a simple way for residents to #connect with their neighbours, share stuff and earn Karma points.

It is estimated an average of 50% of residents in Cities currently live in apartment/condo-style buildings. The number is only expected to grow as more people move to cities, rent costs increase, and buildings expand vertically. seeks to address the loneliness and isolation associated with high-rise living by creating a communication channel that allows local residents to share, swap and giveaway items, services or ideas with each other. In addition, the platform will also serve as a hub for building notifications, social events and group activities,information on local services and a free giveaway forum. Through the simple act of sharing, the platform hopes to create community and facilitate human connection between increasingly isolated individuals and family units -opening doors and building kinship among residents. Data gathered by the platform can be used by the City to better improve a community's access to resources, waste management and social well-being. As the data is gathered in real-time, the City can respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of it's diverse communities. The Innovation Division at the City of Toronto has reached out to us to explore partnership opportunities in order to pilot its vision of #zerowaste and #circulareconomy.
Building communities one block at a time.



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