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We face extreme challenges to produce not only enough food but also quality food that is safe. There is also lot of fraud that compromises the quality and sustainability of the entire food production.
Food chains are becoming more and more global as we try to respond to ever growing demand and people deserve and want to know what they eat.
The growing need for food production is also a huge challenge for the environment
the CO2 emissions, waste, water usage, packaging and all this needs to be addressed.
Trustor is an AI/IoT based supply chain solution that can provide transparency to the food chain, thus delivering trust and safety for the consumers. Its additional modules can track and trace environmental impacts, such as CO2, plastic waste, etc. And its 3rd AI vision powered system can monitor production animal welfare which also is in the core of sustainable food production.
Trustor is already in use with a major global food producer as a pilot case and we are developing the technology so it can be implemented globally and by all food producers and/or authorities. This way we can guarantee safe and sustainable food chains all over the world.



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