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Qlikchain ( is an Agritech company based in the Netherlands offering two blockchain based products -
TruVito ( and AcreCX ( We have offices in UAE and a development center in India. Our mission is to create sustainable & solvent producers in food chains via audited provenance, low cost secure marketplace which offers market transparency connecting a global network of agricultural stakeholders.

Agriculture is central to the daily livelihoods of many people throughout the globe. However, it's largely controlled by corporations and characterized by harsh conditions. We are helping create a fairer and environmentally friendly practices on a blockchain platform that is inclusive of farmers and the end consumers.

  • TruVito, is a blockchain based auditing and provenance service that enables farmers prove control conditions of farms and receive certifications such as GAP. Audited provenance of harvest is a critical step towards food security which is an urgent issue caused by weak purchasing power, cheap imports and unfair trade practices.

  • AcreCX, is a blockchain based marketplace for harvest from provenance audited farms. The need for connected alternative markets has never been more imperative as we live in a globalized world where market and media influence public's perception of food and agriculture. By providing access to a global marketplace, we are empowering small scale farmers and shifting power from global corporations to farm cooperatives.



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