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Hundreds of small towns around the world are unable to afford the subsidies required to give its citizens good-quality public transportation. The waiting times in those towns are very long when there’s any public transportation available at all. Non-existing public transportation leads to ever-growing towns’ and dependence on personal cars which are one of the main contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion. The inefficient bus usage results in more than 1 billion people (specifically low and medium-income families and individuals) having very limited social mobility and access to job interviews, jobs, schools, healthcare and other essential urban amenities.

Tunnll is a next-generation passenger transportation service. It is a smart mobility system for small towns, capable of serving a substantial amount of additional passengers with the same number of buses and drivers typically used in the industry. At the same time, it brings absolute car-free smart mobility to the town’s residents: with Tunnll, anyone can order a bus ride with a smartphone app, just like any other modern app-enabled ride-sharing or taxi service.

Tunnll is a technology thatattracts up to 300% more passengers that can be served with the same number of buses. This essentially means that per each emitted gram of carbon dioxide a Tunnll-enabled bus serves a substantial higher number of passengers when compared to a regular public bus. Public transportation is a much more sustainable alternative to individual vehicle transportationsuchaspersonal cars, taxis,andride-sharing services. As an example, for 50 passenger trips, an average new car produces92.62 g/passenger-kmof carbon dioxide[1] while an average bus produces47.5 g/passenger-km[2]. Tunnll improves this figure even more and enables an average bus initstransportation network to produce as little as40.3 g/passenger-kmof greenhouse gas emissions.

Tunnll introduces a paradigm shift for urban mobility. It makes it easy and convenient to use an urbanbus service for everythingfrom commutingto entertainment, personal, educational, and healthcare-related purposes. Tunnll is cheaper than car ownership, it does not require insurance nor parking and yet, it gives passengerstheunlimitedfreedom to travel around the city anytime and anywhere they want. With Tunnll, millions of people living in hundreds of smalltownsaround the world can switch from car-dependent living (64% of all urban trips[3]) to totally car-free lifestyles.

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