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We want to contribute to the development of tourism in rural communities in the destinations involved with our software for managing and distributing the experience / service / destination tour developed by local community tour companies (tour operators), all this through commercial channels ( own, third, local, regional, global).


The objective is to achieve a comprehensive proposal that allows digitizing tourist experiences (tours and activities managed and developed by rural communities) in the destinations involved. Community, local entrepreneurs do not have the knowledge and time to work hand in hand with technology.Our platform allows to expose to the world the local, natural and cultural experiences of the area with the use of easy-to-use technology for the local entrepreneur.

Our solution also means keeping them in constant training and communication in technological and product aspects, this allows us to know their needs even more and thus provide them with the appropriate digital tools and solutions for better management and benefits.

We want all experience / service / tour to be connected, with real-time stock, curated product and connected via technology to different sales channels for effective distribution, whether Russian or Chinese, can make your online purchase directly reducing the intermediation that exists today, increasing competitiveness and obtaining a greater benefit that will be reflected in the quality of life for their families and their environment, since it stimulates the local economy, impacting in turn on artisans, ranchers, farmers and other actors who benefit indirectly thanks to tourism.



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