Turning Waste Tires Trash to Affordable School Desks

About Solution

Mabaki Mali innovation addresses deforestation and tire waste challenges as an opportunity to manufacture furniture such as school desks to support education which create jobs, eliminate poverty, encourage economy and emphasizing waste management worldwide. Thus our Tire-Dawati (school desks) products are Economically Viable as it reduces initial costs, maintenance and extend the useful life. As on Technical Superior is more effective, simple, Fast and Safe as a high design factor. Furthermore the tire dawati can be reusable and it has less Materials, energy and labor.

Then the benefits are,

Its help to protect the soil fertility, tires intend to release toxic in the ground through this business will help to free tire in the environment.

Its help to protect the earth water by keeping consumer pollution out of overflowing landfills that leach toxins into local aquatic resources

Its provide big benefits to the planet’s atmosphere by reducing overall consumption. And It protect marine animals, ocean-dwelling animals are threatened by large amount of waste trash, through this business will save the marine animals.



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