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JustCleanIt ltd in a bid to put waste collection to another level identified a simple technology that would transform waste into valuables like energy, clean water and liquid fertilizers.


Plans are underway to undertake for towns and cities for solid and liquid waste recycling. It stresses waste segregation at source into non-biodegradable and biodegradable waste. Given an opportunity of acquiring the technology, our waste will be converted to off grid green energy with zero carbon emissions and this enables mitigation of climate change. Creating awareness in communities through campaigns of anti-littering and improper waste disposal,helps on preservation of the environment.


When addressing Civic Amenities in Urban Areas, the action areas is to assess the demand for Solid Waste Management services and the “willingness to pay” by communities, since many municipal bodies suffer from inadequate resources. Such assessment will give an indication on the adequate pricing for services and clarify the scope for adopting full cost recovery policies. The importance of fiscal concessions and subsidies is also given notice; transport vehicles for carrying solid waste may be exempted from sales tax and other duties, and the organic manure produced in compost plants should be granted some subsidy.


The project aims at empowering youth and women, by offering them continuous employment. Using our business model of giving agencies in our area of operation after skilling them via training they get empowered financially and eventually also recruit more youth and women hence the sustainability of the model.We plan to buy/lease and operate Waste Transformers to process the waste from the district, directly on-site, and turn this into energy and fertiliser.A Waste Transformer is a modular system, composed of 20 ft, 40ft shipping containers, that adapts to the amount of waste available. It processes between 600kg to 3600kg of organic waste per day. So the size of the land, the costs/price and all other aspects are determined by the size of the machine that one wants. We will need a transfer station for sorting waste as its only organic waste that can be put into the transformer for the byproducts.



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