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Turtle prevents people from getting a burnout and helps people to recover successfully from psychological scars. Turtle does this by giving people the opportunity to find the right person in the way that suits them the best.

For people who are going through a hard time it helps the best to talk to someone who experience(d) the same. This creates an understanding of being not the only one and it ensures the possibility to exchange powerful support.

People can use a search engine and filters to find the right person. The keywords typed in the search engine generates a filtered list of profiles with the best match. A person can reach out to someone to talk to in a chat and can also decide to book-a-person for meeting in real life.

This self-help solution is an innovation.

Turtle has the unique possibility for users to choose how anonymous or how visible they wants to be. Because many people prefer anonymity in sharing personal stories and psychological scars. The profiles are editable at all times. For example during a chat a person can decide, when he or she feels comfortable enough, to unlock the profile photo, realname, age or location, only for the conversation partner.

Turtle does not collect data from users to sell, in order to protect the privacy from people. This makes Turtle original, authentic and safe.


To be able to find others, who have been through the same hard time, in the way Turtle facilitates, can give a huge positive impact on the society. The Social Survey from Turtle gave insights of what the impact can be. Over 700 respondents indicated the following:

  • 82% of the respondents think they may have a scar themselves.

  • 30,4% of the respondents have felt the need to visit a psychologist (оor something likely) but never did.

  • 96% of the respondents who successfully overcome a psychological scar is willing to help someone who is currently facing a scar in the same area.

  • 38,7% of the respondents is only willing to share scars anonymously.

  • People indicated that they are more likely to share scars to someone unknown who has a scar from the same area (88%) then to share scars to family and friends who has no scar in the same area (47%)


The amount of burnouts and depressions is increasing every year. It is a known fact that having such psychological issues has negative effect on the person itself, its performances, the surrounded people and of course also for the company the person works. On average a person with a burnout is not able to work for 221 days. It is obvious that the need to help people prevent from having a burnout or a depression is high.

The dutch journal Telegraaf recently (5th of january) wrote an article about the ‘burnout epidemic’. The biggest cause for having a burnout seems the effect of social media. People compare their life, including all ‘ups and downs’, with the average they see on social media. But what people see on social media are mostly ‘ups’. So when someone experience a hard time he or she can more quickly get the impression of being the only one. What gives that person reasons to hide negative feelings about that. No one wants to be ‘the only one who experienced something negative’. While actually someone who is going through a hard time wants to be seen, get recognition and support. Recognition is one of the basic psychological needs that human has. Turtle facilitates this psychological need. Everyone can share anonymously with the right person, what they rather hide for the public.

Assuming that social media will exist as long as internet does, so might Turtle do as well. One can not live without the other. Social media has many positive effects to the society but has unfortunately also some negative effects. To keep solving the negative effects of social media, Turtle will be.



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