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Many Africans desire to improve their lives through education; from understanding difficult school subjects to preparing for exams to learning important skills like photography, music etc., BUT have no easy, reliable way to connect with competent people to teach them which often leads to poor performance both at school and life.

Similarly, millions of passionate teachers, brilliant graduates and skilled youths are trapped in poverty and unemployment because they are inaccessible by learners who need their service which according to Forbes, represents a $1.27 billion opportunity in Sub-Saharan African alone.

This has created a situation of high and growing demand for quality, personalized learning, but with little access to existing supply. Tuteria seeks to bridge this learning gap, through which we:

make quality personalized education accessible to thousands of Africans including kids and adults to help them better achieve their life goals (SDG 4); and create sources of income for thousands of teachers and skilled, unemployed youths on the continent. (SGD 1 & 8)

Tuteria, therefore, is an online platform that connects people seeking to learn any subject or skill
both formal and informal-with competent local tutors who can teach them what they want to learn, as well as ensure safety, accountability and quality learning experience.

For instance, someone looking to learn the violin, improve in Math or speak the Yoruba Language can easily connect and book lessons with a pre-vetted instructor nearby who is offering one-on-one violin, Math or Yoruba lessons.

You may think of it as ‘Airbnb for learning’. Learners find a pre-vetted tutor and pay upfront to Tuteria for lessons using our integrated payment system, while tutors receive payment from us after the lessons have been delivered.

Using technology, we monitor and manage the lessons, as well as furnish teachers with helpful resources to help them deliver better service to their students.

Through our service, we've been able to create a source of income for thousands of unemployed graduates, teachers and skilled youths in Nigeria with teachers earning between $115-$500 per month teaching 2-6 students, while alsohelping thousands of children, youths and adults learn to read, write, improve their test/exam scores, learn to code or speak a language etc., which has improved their learning outcomes by more than 70-85%.



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