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Preliminary Design / Concept of Two-Wheeler Transportation Vehicle considering the following factors:1. Environment2. Women's Security3. Heavy Traffic Congestion / Poorly Maintained Roads4. Cost of TransportationSalient Innovative features of the vehicle:1. Luggage space of approximately 96 cm X 56 cm X 32 cm (Depth) beneath the seat of the proposed Two-Wheeler Transportation Vehicle which is spacious enough to accommodate a standard large size Suitcase of dimensions 76 cm X 48 cm X 29 cm.2. Two Helmet spaces of 40 cm X 30 cm X 32 cm (Depth) at the rear end of the vehicle. This would eliminate the need to carry the helmets along, provides safe accommodation for the helmets and ensures the availability of one for the rider.3. Inbuilt GPS System would eliminate the use of a different device and fixture to avail the benefits of GPS technology.4. Rider Panel – An internet connected, GPS enabled user friendly touch panel synchronized with the GPS system of the vehicle or any other GPS enabled device used by the driver. By default, this panel would show maps and would let a rider to select route, start / end a trip and to keep an eye on the progress. The panel should be alerting the rider for any major deviations from the selected route by repeated voice messages and by turning the screen red. This panel would also ensure that the customer is not cheated by unnecessary long routes.5. Alarm Switch – A safety switch to alert the security agencies during emergency. By fixing the location sharing settings enabled in the GPS system, the vehicle can be tracked similar to the way any other GPS enabled mobile devices are tracked. Triggering Alarm Switch sends alert signals to the security agencies and the vehicle can be locked for tracking.No Network Transportation company utilizes the concept of passenger display and control in commuting operations. Using this concept leads to better safety, control and transparency.Summary:1. Environment: Over half of the world’s population now live in cities and this will increase to more than 70% by 2050. At the same time, over 80% of people living in urban areas today are exposed to polluted air. 91% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits . Large scale operation of Two-Wheeler Transportation Vehicle can significantly reduce emission of particulate matter in the atmosphere, thus overall improving the Air Quality. Additionally, a Two-Wheeler Vehicle consumes comparatively very less fuel as compared to a Four-Wheeler Car for the same distance travelled thereby marginally saving petroleum consumption. Suggestion in this design is not to use an Engine with more than 125 cc.2. Women's Security: There has been an increase in cab related sexual violence against women. The risk of sexual violence while travelling can be minimized in a Two-Wheeler Vehicle. Additionally, in this design there is a distinctive partition between the driver’s and the rider’s seat. To add further to the safety of passengers, there are 2 other features in this design – Rider Panel with Alarm Switch.3. Heavy Traffic Congestion / Poorly Maintained Roads Two-Wheeler Transportation Vehicle can be very efficient in solving the issues of limited accessibility of cab services in poorly maintained and narrow street roads and heavy traffic congestion during peak hours in metro cities. Also getting out of a traffic congestion is easier using a Two-Wheeler Vehicle.4. Cost of Transportation As a Two-Wheeler Vehicle consumes less fuel as compared to a Four-Wheeler Car, the cost of Transportation would be comparatively low. Also, there is no concept of surge pricing in the business model.



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