UAE- INDIA Subsea Train

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The project is meant to connect the UAE and the other GCC countries for the first time with India via a Tunnel and an Ultra Speed subsea railway line ; with the aim of improving the Bilateral Trade between the two nations. The Fujairah-Mumbai Tunnel & Subsea Ultra Speed Train Line Project is currently at the Concept stage.   The floating underwater tunnel would consist of two curved concrete tubes, submerged below the surface of the Arabian Sea . The submerged tubes would be stabilize by being attached to pontoons on the surface of the sea or vertical tethers to the sea floor. There would be enough gaps between the pontoons to allow ships to pass through. The tubes would be placed underwater, deep enough to avoid water traffic and weather. The Main benefits from Project are :  1. Commute Passengers , Tourists & workers Between the UAE ( as well as other GCC Countries ) and India  2. Export Oil From Fujairah Port To India via a Pipeline  3. Import water from Narmada River North of Mumbai ( it is well noted that The Narmada River is flooding during monsoon season ; excess water can exported to the UAE )  4. Transport Goods & commodities between both nations. It is expected that the project will help increase the trade and the influx of tourists from both sides. The speed of train is set to be 1000 km/h , the 1826km distance between Mumbai to Fujairah station can be covered within 2hrs. Future plan includes a making a provision for road to be constructed within the floating tunnel for cars and truck transportation ; as well as & Floating Hotel and shopping centre fuel stations at the middle of the Arabian Sea were commuters can rest and shop.  Future Train stations may include the port city of Karachi in Pakistan & Muscat the capital city of Oman. 



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