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Ubiquity has created a globally accessible skill recognition and personalized learning platform. The challenge for many migrants is that they leave their country without any papers or proof of qualifications they have or skills that they have acquired. They do not initially know what skills they need to be able to integrate into the society of their new country nor what skills they need to develop to be qualified for a specific job. On top of that they have minimal access to education or training that will enable they to develop and prove those skills.

Ubiquity's UbiPass solution enables people to create a skills passport of micro-credentials (UbiCerts) and see which credentials and professions they are closest to being qualified for. It also enables them to find the courses they need to developed the necessary skills for their ambition. The UbiPass uses the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as its core reference point, as it is accepted as the global gold standard for skills and competencies mapped to industry-standard qualifications and jobs. Any skill or competence framework can then be mapped against the AQF, such as the European Skills and Qualifications Organization (ESCO) and UNESCO's competency framework for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The UbiPass is especially relevant to migrants as it enables them to get recognition for the skills they have developed in their home country through any kind of activity
educational, vocational or volunteer
and top up their skills with the ones they need to achieve industry-standard requirements for diplomas and jobs.

Ubiquity University has also built learning solutions for the key soft skills (UbiSkills) needed universally to be successful at any kind of job. These can delivered in a blended online and in-person program, or purely online in facilitated groups. Having these skills would enable migrants to increase their employability and flexibility in terms of the field of work they could go into.

The combination of the UbiPass and UbiSkills solutions both enable people to get recognition for their achievements from the past as well as develop themselves for their ambitions in the future
empowering them to be seen for who they are in the present and to make informed choices about their next steps.



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