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Like tumors they keep spreading until you cut it out completely, with the number of refugees

exceeding more than 71 million and also globally more region are engaged in conflict we are likely
to see no decline in refugees anytime soon as we know the earth is dying food and water are far
from the reach of the poor conflicted regions this falls into desperation for survival with billions of
dollars into aids and support it is still not enough it only covers short term basis.
The questions to ask are?
1. Will the refugees ever be able to return home? if yes what awaits them
    this majorly contributes to the stock pile of refugees we have globally today
2. What are the FOOD SECURITIES put in place for this regions in conflicts
    This people are facing severe hunger and starvation most of the aids don't get to the people that needs it the most
3.How safe are those regions in conflict
    every year death toll rises in this regions how long till it becomes stable
4. The world economic powers how many of this people are they willing to open their gates for instead of throwing biscuits in the form of aids
For us to work towards innovation for peace and justice we must first
1. find a settlement for this refugees
    with a collective efforts among leaders of the world a draft should be initiated in which nations who are willing to accept some refugees could open their gates for refuges at least till the conflict in their regions are over
2. An international database should be put in place to recognize those refugees with skills, education and other craftsmanship which in turn could be useful
    most of these refugees are skilled workers some are farmers, doctors, teacher, engineers and     so on which could come in handy 
3. Basic health education and training for those midwives and medical practitioners within the refugees should also be done so the health workers would not be short handed
    health issues affecting refugees are majorly caused by lack of health workers and medicines for treatment of illness but with adequate training of locals could go a long way in assuring that more refugees get access to health care
4. Employ locals within the refugees to work and help in delivering a clean and sanitized environment
    many are jobless and looking for activities to engage themselves this could serve as opportunity to have a work force which basically deals with sanitation within the environs
5. legal support and counsel should be provide 24/7 for those refugees and those seeking asylum
    Been displaced could cause a lot of psychological trauma and leaves someone in limbo but if an adequate legal system and counsel is put in place that is accessible any point of time you have given hope to a lot of people confused with no hopes of how their tomorrow maybe



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