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Our innovative solution solves the enormous challenges in the plastic industry.
10 million metric tonnes of plastic wastes enter into the ocean yearly. Moved by these incessant dumping's of these wastes in the environment and the handful effects on the environment, we decided to come up with the idea of properly disposing these plastic wastes to put them into proper and profitable use. Anyone can visit our web based system or mobile app to notify us of any plastic waste in his or her environment while we quickly come with our vehicle to pick them up and thereafter we recycle those plastics waste to Crude Oil.
Our service is a platform where citizens can be financially empowered when they dispose their plastic wastes to us while we pay them cash. Our innovation is strategically developed to solve four pivotal Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN, which is Goal One No poverty, Goal Eight Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal Twelve Responsible Consumption and Production and finally Goal 17 Partnership for the Goals.
Creativity and innovation is our passion hence we decided to integrate Artificial Intelligence on our Web based system whereby users can notify us of plastics waste via their voice without necessary typing while the system will response back via voice recognition. It may interest you to know that we are the first company in Nigeria and Africa to develop an innovative solution that recycled plastics to crude oil. The innovation is new, exceptional, scalable and fresh.



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