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Reliable ,clean and cheap energy is one of the challenge facing Africa and developing countries.most of them depend on firewood and charcoal of cooking and non renewable source of lighting.unfortunely all this source is not good for their health,future and economic. owning to this,l have come up with a technology that will competely adress this challenges squarely using a unique transformer Unique transformer is device that use only a small power and produce a large power output which is in form of alternating current ....This power can be utilize of domestic uses and small amount use for repowering this devices.A device which is in form of a cube of 50cm can produce around 1.2kgwatt wat which is sufficient to be use by average domestic user .The device is also 4kg which it mean it portable and it can be utilized by normadic communities.l have practically use it to light my two room houses and power cooking coil ... in few months l have been struggling to register a company that will produce massive quality of this machine.lam also in process of obtain patent that will protect it. as mention earlier l have produce a phototype of this device ..l use a material which is found locally in Kenya market and other l modify ...The cost of producing this unique transformer is fair compared to others machines such as battery and generators



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