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Rapid expansion of internet connectivity is creating new demand for products and services, while globalisation and eCommerce are creating the platform for the efficient trade of goods. With consumers and businesses increasingly turning to online shopping platforms and localised services, retailers, service providers and transporters are under pressure to deliver more products, farther, and faster, in both directions.

Though internet connectivity has quickly become cheap and ubiquitous, fulfilling the needs of warehousing infrastructure and transport costs are only increasing. Delivering products and services in medium-density areas is becoming increasingly expensive.

Drone delivery services have the power to increasing service reach of warehouses, centralising inventory and reducing costs and environmental impact of last 100-mile delivery

We are building the technology that makes drone delivery not only possible, but accessible to operators outside the drone industry.

The Air Bridge delivery service is a key way to supplement existing supply chains, alongside existing deliveries made by airplanes, trucks and motorcycles. An optimal supply chain uses drones when they are cheaper and more efficient
when speed is of the essence, for low-volume regular delivery routes, for last-100-mile deliveries, or when road infrastructure is poor, damaged or non-existent. Our service follows a similar model to enterprise printing or vehicle fleet providers
Rigi provides the required drone hardware, software, maintenance and integration to allow the client to efficiently run one or several drone delivery routes.

We are trialing our first rural delivery routes in 2020.



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