Unsegregated Municipal or agricultural waste into activated carbon

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Current methods of agricultural waste disposal in India are burning waste in open farmlands and that of municipal solid waste disposal is open dumping, landfill, incineration or ocean dumping. Burning waste in open causes air pollution by adding smoke, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and many other hazardous gases into the environment.Open dumping and landfill of municipal solid waste allow pathogenic bacteria to grow and cause soil and water pollution. Incineration produces furans and dioxin emissions, SOx and NOx emissions add heavy metals into the environment creating health and environmental hazards. Dumping of waste in oceans causes water pollution and disturbs the balance in aquatic life. Current methods of waste processing demand segregation of waste especially to separate plastic from bio degradable portion. This method is not 100% efficient and is capital intensive. Also, only 25-30% of the recovered plastic from waste is recycled. Rest is sent to landfills. Also, all the current technologies for processing waste like waste to electricity throughincineration, bio-methanation & gasification or waste to composting are quite complex to operate and have high payback period.

Our technology, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly solution that converts waste (municipal solid waste or agricultural waste) into activated carbon and carbon nano material without the need of segregation. Even plastic mixed waste can be easily processed without segregation and converted into high value product. Our technology is based on pyrolysis in presence of a special nano-catalyst. Thus waste is processed in absence of air & no greenhouse gases like CO₂are produceddue to contact with outside airunlikeother technologies like incineration.Only by-products are activated carbon, carbon nano material and non toxic gases. Bothby-products have market value while non toxic gases are released into atmosphere. Thus our's is a pollution free technology that eliminates the need of landfill. Also the operation is simple that makes the system reliable.

Activated carbon has a wide range of applications including water purification, gas filtration, ground water remediation, controlling mercury emissions in coal fired power plants, industrial waste water treatment etc. Payback period for waste processing business based on our technology is less than a year.



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