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As of right now, the products and side products of many industries possess low economic value. It is important to find novel approaches to add value to industrial by-products produced by the wood, pulp and paper processing that otherwise serve as source for environmental pollution. For example, pulp and paper industry produces sludge that is used in agriculture as a fertilizer. Dumped materials of this industry are also used for producing energy (burned) or are still used for landfilling. This kind of uses can still contribute a great deal to environmental pollution and so steps for finding another way of applications must be taken. Most nanopowders currently available on the market are fossil-based and their production is not environmentally friendly.There arehuge amounts of wood, pulp and paper industry side products which are often burned or dumped.The burning process creates animmense amount of toxic emissions. Particularly dangerous is the black liquor produced by the pulp industry.

We havedeveloped and patenteda method and built a reactor to synthesize affordable graphene and 3D structured porous carbon nanospheres from different raw materials, including waste materials. Thegasesthat are produced in a working reactor (NH3, biogas) will becollected, which will beadditional commercial valueand will makethe whole process sustainable.No other commercially sold nanopowder is made by a similar processand no one has used black liquor as a raw material for making carbon nanomaterials.



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