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The UFHP project will address this challenges through the following activities.

Establishment of green house and kitchen demonstration garden to benefit house hold care givers and children of under 5 years of age: CEFARH currently runs demonstration gardens projects in the communities of northern Uganda where mothers are taught basic skills and knowledge in vegetable production and management from which they are equip with all the substance necessary in establishment of kitchen and vegetable gardening in their respective households and how to scale up the production and marketing channel for their produce product. Upon completion of demonstration learning they are distributed seeds and seedlings to plant under the guidance of the project staff with low carbon food production.

Behaviours change promotion through Care Groups: CEFARH is operating care group methodology to behaviours change in the communities of northern Uganda. A care group is a group of 10 – 15 community mothers as a house hold food handlers who regularly meets with project staff and food production specialist for training and supportive supervision .During these trainings a project staff facilitates training sessions with care group members (care group volunteers) and these volunteers cascades the same training to their neighbours (Neighbours women) who as well are organised in a group of 10 – 15 members.CEFARH already have 30 care groups in the two communities of where it operates (16 groups in east and 14 west of northern Uganda) and this award will allow formation of another care groups, allowing operationalization of the entire country coverage.The care groups and neighbour group meetings are facilitated with the aid of flip charts designed with key health messages for specific month’s .Home visits are conducted to ensure that mothers who missed behaviours change meetings are reached as well as spot checking whether the promoted behaviours are being practiced in a house hold.

Growth monitoring and promotion: CEFARH conducts growth promotion and monitoring for under 5 children in the health centres and through this activity the growth of children of under 5 years are monitored by trained medical workers .The main activities here are weighing height for age, age for height, immunization and malnutrition screening.UFHP project plans to enrol growth monitoring and promotion to all health units in Uganda and this will increase the beneficiaries of GMP from 30000 to 100,000 every months.Much as trained medical personnel at government health centers perform growth monitoring and promotion activities, UFHP project plans to provide sensitization and awareness creation to mothers and care givers, equip its Care Group Volunteers with tools and apparatus needed for GMP.

Provision of supplementary food ration to under 5 malnourished children: During GMP, children found to be malnourished are referred to supplementary feeding centre where they received Corn Soya Blend every two weeks until they recover from their condition. Aware that CEFARH already operates five supplementary feeding centres, enrolling 5 more units into UFHP implies more supplementary food ration needed given that the beneficiaries will increase from 20,000 to 50,000 children every month.



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