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Our solution is an absolute innovation in Mozambique, a country with an unsustainable urbanization rate of 36%, mainly due to rural exodus. The effects of climate changes are damaging the conventional agriculture in open fields of the city of Maputo by small scale farmers. The gap between supply and demand make it necessary to import food from neighbor country South Africa, in addition to the fact that the intensive use of road transport for that import activity is not an environmentally friendly option.

We want to initiate vertical intensive agriculture in the backyards of urban family homes, defining a shift from the domain of conventional and not-effective-anymore agriculture to green and progressive agriculture in controlled environment.

Someone can argue that this solution has the disadvantage of contemplating hi tech and expensive technologies such as, for example, aquaponics, hydroponics and the rainwater capture and retention system. In our answer to this challenge seats the heart of our innovation: we rely to the system of urban outgrowers, to be taken over by humble families whose modal size of their free backyards is about 500 m2, which according to our calculations can house a vertical garden for financially viable commercial purposes. In other words, our company will set up the infrastructure in each of the backyard of the out growers who will be responsible for the cultivation with technical assistance in real time, thanks to smartphones, from technicians scientifically qualified for the purpose.

The critical aspect is therefore to define the exact size of the infrastructure to be entrusted to out growers, the combination of the most demanded products by the market and the most advantageous set of production technologies, in order to obtain revenues that are satisfactory for the anchoring company and each outgrower.

The rest are just green impacts and market competitive advantages: 500% productivity increase per square meter, 95% of water saving when compared with conventional methods of horticulture, 90% low carbon reduction when compared with emissions from food importation, major visible quality, organic flavor, etc.

By marketing locally, we hope to create name recognition, a loyal customer base and reliable sales. We will dominate the market in Maputo City for several years. We will directly create 10 direct jobs and more than 100 indirect jobs.

On the other hand, it will contribute to a greater democratization of innovative cultivation techniques, obvious gains in environmental sustainability and poverty reduction.



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