Using out-grower scheme by farmers & e-commercialization

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My business venture is entitled as Haile Wako Integrated Farm. It is a start-up venture established with the plan of products to produce and offer through this business venture are selected seeds and grains of the crops such as beans, maize, teff, and sorghum. As already explained they will be produced both by the team farm itself and via out-grower scheme making selected small-holder farmers in a backward linkage. The solution of the team here is superior to others because it mobilizes the farmers as potential stakeholders to work together and get benefited from the products and also makes them sell their products at a better price than a prevailing market price because they have better market linkages. For that team, Haile Wako Integrated Farm has planned to get registered on the website and supply it produces that are produced both by itself and via out grower-scheme. Productivity is also be enhanced through using modern extension technologies like using inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, medium-horse power tractors, water pumps, etc. This also works for the local farmers whom the out grower-scheme is working on. 



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