Utopian Peace and Justice 2030

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My solution uses the automated intelligence gathered through the monitoring of events and historically, naturally and scientifically analyse the data of causes of conflicts etc in a locality /community. The computer programming is introduced to the internet by me and my team and then, the whole world can comment therefrom, innovations are made periodically. A test case of a community is established and monitored from this, applications are made in other different  areas of the communities ( both conflict affected areas and peaceful areas) of the world. In about one year, a comprehensive result and solution would have been established and then, it should be adopted and it becomes standardized and acceptable by all. 

By inputs of people participating through the internet, acceptability of the solutions are measured. .

The program involves the key personnels of  any area in conflict in which participation to resolve is made through the internet. 

The advantages include the establishment of trust, enhancement of security, encouragement of international trade, cultural socialisation, enhanced tourism etc. This will push up the GDP of nations 

Again,  this solution makes it less cumbersome for everybody to accept the rules and norms created therefrom. 



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