Van-Sharing for SMEs and Particulars

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Latest CO2 regulations and politics towards low-carbon economics are forcing Councils and Governments to accelerate the deployment in cities and many old-towns with old infrastructures

Local laws will trace green—clean areas that will influence the traffic disposition and the transits of many companies and particulars

Accesses to city center and parking areas will be restricted, incurring in fine notification and costs related for vehicles non-zero emissions

SME’s performances will be impacted directly on their business model, being forced to change their vans or rent then for certain job services

Until 2030 just Zero-Emissions vehicle will be granted for free access and parking in central locations, streets and neighborhoods.


We propose the first electrical Van-Sharing for SMEs, with a super-flexible renting of electrical Vans, that can be used by enterprises and particulars for different purposes in the city-Centre and suburban areas by minutes, hours and days.

Key Advantages

Car-Sharing companies are focused on competing each other in the B2C market, instead of extending the use-cases and targeting other segments

Movildrive will target both B2B + B2C and will include a software premium feature that will connect our users with other users and city sensors.

Market Validation

The low-carbon regulations and tendencies towards sharing economy have been introduced in last years and will continue growing till 2030

OEM’s are producing in series more electrical cars every year till minumum 2030

B2B are using our product to work on the daily basis from Mo-Fri since B2C will use Movildrive specially on the weekends for shopping & moving

Market Size & Opportunity

TAM of B2B Rental is 5B€ every year in Spain, SAM will represent 3B€ since SOM will start in 600M€

SMEs are they engine of the economy, creating more than 75% of jobs, generating facilities, and contributing by 65% to GDP in Spain



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