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From interaction with farmers in the typical villages where transportation is rare, ninety-five percent of the population has their occupation to be farming. Food loss after harvest tends to be a major issue as a result of the unavailability of transport to transfer the harvested crops. Most of the crops produced gets perished a few days after they have been harvested, causing farmers a great loss. This has significantly reduced the farmers’ standard of living and that of their consumers. This is because a very small quantity of the harvested crops gets to the markets and do not meet the high demand by consumers, making the price of products in the market skyrocket high. From interaction with some farmers, they are willing to farm in large quantity to meet the market demand, that is if there is a ready market for the crops.
VariFoods will help increase in agricultural products and revenue in the agriculture sector by helping the farmers grow crops, harvest and provide a market for the harvested crops. VariFoods will also increase productivity in farm produces by providing farming equipment and technology inventions.
VariFoods aside helping get the farmers to grow crops and getting their produces to a ready market, is building a smart storage mechanism. This will keep the products fresh and make them stay for a longer period.
We will be using social media and Vari e-commerce application to reach out to our consumers. We will also have an artificial intelligence application that will connect the farmers with us, tracking the stage of the crops, weather condition of their area and a connected irrigation system.
Our mission is to provide the world with healthy organic fresh food, provide an avenue for employment and make farming a high paying job, for both farmers and people who will distribute the agriculture products to consumers. Our delivery service will help create employment for youths all across the country and the continent as a whole.
We are also on a mission to encourage farmers to use a more organic (chemical free) way of farming by educating them on natural ways of preventing pests and getting healthy crops. We will put up mechanisms to ensure an all year safe farming.



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