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more than 30% (2billion +)of world populations are suffering from iron defeciency. This IDA seems to be silent killer in the society, Majority of the women and children are prone to fall IDA, If IDA is due to malnutrition in undeveloped countries it is lack of awarness about importancy of iron in our body, iron absoption caused by modern life style addiction to junk food, aerated drinks, alcohol, smoking and worm infection are the reason in developing and developed countries. according to 50% cardiac arrest happens due to untreated iron defeciency.

Iron defeciency in working women are very much pathetic, personal, professeional and social life get affected, due to IDA they feel low and depressed in the hectic life style balancing family, career and social relations. Also affects their productivity and creativity.

A study in a garment factory shows that the production level increased when enough iron is supplied. it also affect the GDP of the country in large scale, India loose 4% GDP loss due to IDA.

Mortality rate is high in infants and in children will not able to concentrate in their studies and perform in co curricular activities.

Present solution of iron supplements are made of synthetic iron and incorporated with sulphate, fumarate etc it has long and short side affects. another hassle is it has to be under prescription of a medical doctor.

We understand that iron defeciency is not a disease rather it is lack of iron in the body, nature are providing us but society are not aware the importance of it. This made us to think with a simple solution of chocolate with high iron and folic acid incorporated with Vitamin C will solve the issue easily.

We innovated a chocolate made of iron rich natural seeds and dryfruits incorporated with Vitamin C to better absorption along with other chocolate ingridients for a tasty chocolate, We kept all the preservatives, chemicals, synthetic colour, essence and animal fat out of this healthy chocolate. Made it is easy to pop up few chocolate and meet the daily requirment of iron at affordable cost from anywhere!

If we could make awarness with support of international agencies like WHO and UNICEF, IDA free world is very much possible!!!



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