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Removing our food system from its dependence on livestock is a critical part of solving the world’s most persistent and destructive problems. However, the plant-basedfoods that promote health and well-being are the same foods that conserve resources to better feed the world, while reducing green house gas emissions and protecting the environment.The transition process has been hindered by old habits, nutrition misconceptions, and vested interests, but there is increasing interest and awareness in the positive change made possible by a shift towards plant-based agriculture.

Many environmental, health, anti-hunger, and food justice organizations acknowledge the benefits of reducing global meat consumption (especially among high consuming populations), but resist advocating meat reduction solutions that may be unpopular.

We also focus on making individual and societal change easier by supporting institutions and policies that increase the accessibility of healthy, plant-based food options. For the people with the privilege of food choice, every meal provides an opportunity to improve personal health and the common good.

In response to global climate change, The initiative help farmers learn techniques for conservation agriculture, which is the foundation of climate-smart agriculture. Techniques include using cover crops, planting with green manure and “no till” practices, conserving water and focusing on plant-based foods to ensure food security and healthy environment.



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