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In Vegelabs International, we made research on "Future trends of the Health and Wealth of Nations" and out of the research we discovered that;

  • About 90% of the Global Population shall be residing in Urban areas in the next 10 years.
  • There shall be an exponential increase in industrialization which shall increase carbon emission.
  • There shall be limited or no supply of highly nutritional valued food in the market.
  • There will be a geometrical shift in people's well being due to poor diet and increased expenses on health services which shall bring about poverty.
  • There shall be desertification in some parts of sub-saharan Africa as well as an increase in frost levels in the European countries.

This poses a very big worry of how the future generation shall survive if the problem matter is not held at hand. This is why Vegelabs International has been created to handle the problem matter. In Vegelabs International, we conducted an agricultural research on how we can ensure a steady supply highly valuable and nutritious foods using the cheapest means without harming the environment but rather utilising the available resources and these are the resolutions we came up with;

  • We are designing a Solar water pump that can draw water from underground. This solar water pump shall be made available to farmers and we at a cheaper price and this shall be paid for in installments while the farmer is utilising it until completion. This shall reduce carbon emission, noise and air pollution being the fact that it doesn't use fuel. For farmers that can not afford individual attainment may also acquire it through savings groups like saccos.
  • We researched of nutritious foods that can grow in a short period of time and in our lab tests we discovered that mushrooms take two(2) days, sukuma wick that takes a week, spinach, carrots, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and others are still under incubation. Being the fact that there is limited land and space in Urban areas like cities and towns, we designed an incubation Decker laboratory sample indicating how they shall be grown and this shall be constructed for farmers in Urban areas and also outskirts through collective initiatives like saccos. And payments shall be made afterwards in continuous installments. We shall ensure providing them with the required materials for-example seedlings at a subsidized cost from our Laboratories as we make more research.



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