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VENTULATOR SYSTEM is a convergence of technologies, material science and principles derived from Biomimetics.

In the past one hundred years Carbon dioxide is widely considered as air pollutant when associated with planes, moving vehicles, power/ manufacturing plants, and all other human activities. Many technologies was invented to provide humans for a comfortable living , but much of it require a fossil fuel to be burned and converted to electrical energy, thus release pollutants and contribute to global warming and was problem as well. Conversion into energy of fossil fuel always come into play in all facets of human activities, be it in homes, working places, business establishments, and manufacturing plants. Hundred years of human activities have pumped so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that maybe irreversible someday if not controlled.


In 1998, I worked on a certain mechanical gadget which I call  now as VENTULATOR. We live in a small home with my 5 year old boy and my wife which both was suffering with asthma. I’m wondering why in spite we live near the beach and our house have big windows, still uncomfortable to stay inside, and our electric bill remain high throughout the year because I need to force air movements inside our home. Patiently, I started to observe wind, dust and smoke movements in our wall outside, until I got an idea to do research with regard to the Bernoulli’s principle. After 6 months of making lots of design using simple materials such card boards, G.I sheets, aluminums, I was able to create the first prototype Ventulator. It has no moving parts, has no electrical connections. I found out that to utilize the LOW PRESSURE we can force an air movements. After a few months of adjustments I was able to attain the ambient   temperature even without using our four electric fans. Since then, we can feel cold nights and breathe fresh air unlike before.


Years passed, I made some improvements on the Ventulator  design, and explored more on world of physics. Going deeper, I learned how the Coanda effect works, and Coriolis effect as well. Its been clear enough to me, that nature was given to us by God to support our existence. Humans need to learn the basics of nature, like the wind movement, that gives us free energy, the contours of the lands and mountains, the texture, shape and sizes of the plant leaves, the movements of termites deep under the soil, how they live and why they can thrive to such harsh conditions. I am amazed to learn how termites build their homes, the intricate tunnels they create. Now I learned that Bernoulli’s principle, Coanda and Coriolis effect was utilized by the termites in designing their home, to build it comfortable to live with. Constant air exchange was achieved in any harsh conditions.


Wind is a free energy, its variable velocity was utilized by the Ventulator to create a constant low pressure area 24/7 year round for a constant air exchange. Ventulator is made of Galvalum plain sheet, bending it in a few angles is easy, it requires no high tech machine to manufacture, and it is available in all cities of the world. South east Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa have it.


Ventulator removes heat indoors, obnoxious gases, and excess moisture as well. It can easily attain the ambient  temperature after a few minutes of installation at the ridge roll of the ( roofing area). Ventulator can provide 24/7 air exchange free for life. Ventulator can attain the truly breathing home without cost for a lifetime. Ventulator can reduce indoor carbon dioxide to safe level, sometimes down to 400 parts per million, depending on the wind velocity. Based on actual research, a wind velocity of 0.8 miles per hour is more than enough to push all gases outside the building without blower. Indirectly, Ventulator can reduce fossil fuel consumption.


A barrel of crude oil burned  known to contribute  118 kgs of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Known facts that all humans alive emit body heat estimated to 250-400 BTU. Thus a proper indoor ventilation is required.




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