Veterinary Ultrasonic Blade

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Dairy farming sector has some very big problems, such as common foot diseases of dairy cows. Foot diseases of dairy cows is at the top of common and neglected problems of dairy sector. A cow with foot diseases could cost the dairy farmer anywhere ranging from $117 to $444. The frequency rate of this foot diseases in dairy cows ranges up to 20-30%, which is a very high ratio. This cost may range anywhere from 1 billion USD to 1.5 billion USD on the global economy including the indirect costs with the best case scenario.We aimed to reduce losses caused by foot diseases and to support sustainable development in animal husbandry in this way with the our developed device.There are many techniques available for the treatment of foot diseases.But the current techniques used extremely risky in terms of both human and animal health. Current techniques also cause labor and time losses.The veterinary ultrasonic blade that we have developed provides results in less time by eliminating all these disadvantages. Our device has a prototype and has been used successfully on live animals. We want to present this success to service of all the world's animal husbandry.



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