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VF project uses modern agricultural techniques combined with modern e-commerce solutions to help both urban and rural populations increase access to healthy, and sustainable foods, vegetables, and fruits. The vision of VF project is to use efficient strategies to supply fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables to all communities in an attempt to reduce hunger, malnutrition, and food-related illnesses, provide more equitable and affordable access to a healthy, low carbon food in cities, and create more efficient supply chains and reduce food loss and waste.

The rapid urbanization observed in some parts of developing countries requires that effective farming and commercialization techniques are used to meet the growing complexity in demand for fresh farm produce. There is a dire need for competitive businesses that can unfailingly and effectively supply fresh fruits and vegetables to all parts of the population irrespective of income levels and geographical location. Considering the numerous health benefits of fruits and vegetable consumption, VF project aims at contributing to the reduction of hunger, malnutrition and food-related illnesses in both rural and urban areas through the farming and commercialization of fresh fruits and vegetables. Modern farming techniques will guarantee sustainability, while e-commerce solutions will improve access and trade.

Also, being an integral part of the food supply chain, VF Project hopes, not only to produce fresh fruits and vegetables in modernized farms located across Sub-saharan Africa, but also to use e-commerce solutions and internet marketing to increase access to healthy fresh farm fruits and vegetables to both urban and rural populations. As such a more effective supply chain for fresh fruits and vegetables will be made available to all and there will be considerable reduction in food loss and waste.

Furthermore, considering the location of the farms and agricultural establishments as well as the modern farming techniques used at VF-Project, it is estimated that, low carbon fresh fruits and vegetables could be produced year-round, irrespective of the season, thus providing equitable and affordable healthy food in both cities and rural areas.

With the help and support of great initiatives like the Global Maker Challenge on Sustainable and Healthy Food for All sponsored by the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity, it is our hope that the VF Project could contribute significantly to the resolution of some of the world’s most pressing challenge of providing sustainably healthy food, fresh fruits and vegetables to all and sundry.



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