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VF-project’s aim is to Enhance Open Trade and Market Access of fresh fruits and vegetables to all and sundry, in an attempt to drive economic growth, and reduce poverty in countries at every level of development. Through the use of a modern e-commerce solution centered on the internet shopping and mobile telecommunication, VF project will use a dedicated website to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to all parts of the population irrespective of their income levels or geographical location. The VF project will be beneficial in that, it will facilitate the integration of rural markets with the global economy, increase competitiveness while giving a comparative advantage to communities previously left out of good trade opportunities and improve the ability of rural communities to move across skills, industries, and regions.

Considering, the fact that VF project will be developing a modern farm and agricultural establishment, the fruits and vegetables sold via the e-commerce platform will be produced by the same team doing the e-commercialization and e-marketing; as such the supply chain will have little or no bottlenecks. It is believed that, an enhanced open trade and market access to fresh fruits and vegetables through e-commerce will significantly improve the health food consumption of both rural and urban populations. Healthy eating, being at the center of healthy living, it is expected that this project will contribute to poverty reduction, wealth generation and economic growth of all countries, both developing and developed and for all peoples, irrespective of geographical location or income level. A simple access to the internet will guarantee access to healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.

VF Project envisages to engage in international trade through e-marketing to grow faster and provide more opportunities to local communities who usually have little or no avenue to sell their farm produce. The e-commerce solution will also be open to other local farmers, thus facilitating the integration of rural markets with the global economy.

With the help and support of great initiatives like the Global Maker Challenge on Innovation for Inclusive Trade sponsored by the Mohammed bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity, it is our hope that the VF project could contribute significantly to the resolution of some of the world’s most pressing the challenge of providing healthy food sustainably while promoting Open Trade and market access to healthy food to all, in an attempt to drive economic growth, and reduce poverty in all countries.



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