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Bearing in mind the framework of relevant Sustainable Development Goals dealing with environmental waste management and improved environment, together with the need to increase disposable income for the average household in Nigeria through employment generation as canvassed for by the United Nations Organisation, the proposed project is a game changer.Please recall that the current Sustainable Development Goal commenced in 2016 and it is expected to have run its full course by 2030, the thrust of what our company Victory Connection Nigeria Ltd does is to recycle plastic wastes derived from both industrial and municipal streams within the states of Lagos and Ogun located in south western Nigeria where the Authorities have estimated an aggregate daily waste generation of almost ten thousand metric tonnes with a view to sustainably protecting the Atlantic ocean and associated seas, indeed the entire maritime ecosystem in Nigeria. The focus is to recycle the plastic wastes stream that principally consist of polyproplene, low and high density nylon, and some grades of Pvc to pellet form that could be re-used in the plastic industrial value chain.

Consequently, our current machines include wet grinders, crushers, and pelletizer all of which are deployed for purposes of professionally recycling plastic wastes with a daily aggregate throughput capacity of three metric tonnes and could engage average of ten workers per day, all year round.

Given the appropriate level of support by your reputable organisation, this project which commenced on a low key in 2017 after its main proponent and visioner, Mr Alabi Oladele Lawrence had retired from Public Service in Nigeria could assist in addressing the twin primary concerns of environmental waste management and unemployment both of which have assumed pervasive proportions in Nigeria just like most other developing countries. The recycled waste plastic pellets are on high demand for disposal and re-use both in Nigeria and abroad.

The current challenge has been ready power generation as well as some environmental constraints which the provision of the grant could very adequately address and improvement through in-plant training together with stronger management structure for the company. The required machines have been acquired to a reasonable extent but there is need for power supply which could be aided through this grant. The current machines were imported from Republic of Korea, China as well as some local machines as well. The proponent of the project is very passionate about the project but currently hamstrung by financial constraints.



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