Video compression for affordable online education

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dot Learn makes online video learning fast and affordable in connectivity-challenged areas through it's patented video vectorization technology, which uses AI to compress online learning videos by up to 50x while improving video quality. Online video learning platforms (like Khan Academy or Coursera) can license our software or use our API to compress their videos, making them easy to access even on slow/expensive 2g connections in Africa and Asia. We not only help online video-learning platforms (local and global) expand their user-base in high-growth emerging markets, we also provide significant reductions in server costs, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars a year
value propositions that enable us to create a scalable, profitable business while also providing social impact. By making online video-learning affordable and easy to access even on remote 2g connections, we help bridge the digital divide, providing self-learning opportunities otherwise inaccessible for billions of new internet users. By working with existing video-platforms (global and local) with proven solutions, we can create easily measurable impact across geographies without worries about scalability and localization. Being a purely software solution developed by a small team of engineers, we enable highly efficient impact at the scale of hundreds of millions of learners on the budget of an early-stage startup.



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