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In Morocco, and in the regions of Mohammedia, Casablnaca; a large number of farmers are with wasted craft skills for their uncultivated lands; because of multiple reasons such are fertility, pollution, inheritance or others, it was impossible to exploit their skills to generate an income.

These small farmers find themselves working in unstable jobs far from their field of expertise, generating un-enough incomes to support themselves nor their families, hence upgrade their conditions and financial situations. But to increase an income with acquired expertise in hand by finding areas to exploit your know-how is rather challenging with the barrier due to their humble education.

In the other hand, we are conscious of our duty towards the environment by living sustainably. And one of many ways to live in a sustainable way is by recycling our waste. Indeed, We are interested in recycling one form of waste; used coffee grounds. the researches done showed that the coffee consumption represents 8 million tons, in which only 1 million is consumable and the rest, the grounded coffee, is not usable. which constituted a remarkable opportunity. VIM takes this opportunity and offers the production of bio and fresh oyster mushrooms in a recycled substratum from freshly used grounded coffee as a base in peculiar conditions and an adapted procedure. 

 VIM empower these farmers by creating and securing stable and better-paying jobs for them ´La oas mushrooms cultivators for VIM’s activity.

to help to promote their integration into the professional world and the strengthening of their relationships. Also impacting the environment through recycling the coffee grounds, and finally valorize this organic waste and use it for the well being of our population.



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