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Vipimo is the Swahili word for measurements. It is an Affordable and efficient IoT (Internet of Things) platform, built on LoRaWAN and SIGFOX technology, that has been developed in and for Africa. It is mainly targeted for the Agriculture and water sector.

The solution aims to assist farmers and other users in utilising accurate and timely data in making critical decisions and interventions, and not just relying on observation or chance, as is norm, hence increasing their yield immensely.

With the fine data directly collected from farms, all Agriculture stakeholders in the value chain will also benefit from the information processed from the aggregated Big Data to help them plan on identifying the time, the type and the size of interventions they need to undertake, be it a market for their goods and services, anticipate harvests, among other activities.

The core components of Vipimo are; Data loggers, Monitoring Dashboard reports, and the Alerts/Early Warning System.

We provide sensors/data loggers, that collect data in real time ranging from moisture content, temperature, humidity, pH, Oxygen levels, air pressure etc for soil, water and air(atmosphere), then provide a monitoring dashboard where users can view in charts and reports from the field data and consequently the progress of their farms. More importantly the system sends timely alerts via SMS or E-mails to users when things are about to go wrong.

On the Vipimo platform, we can then develop solutions customisable for other specific Agricultural sectors. For instance, in the fish industry, we have an application where farmers can monitor critical parameters in their fishponds or aquariums like oxygen levels, temperatures etc, and also record and monitor stocking, feeding and fish growth. Other Agri-sectors include Greenhouse farming, open-field farming, and the customised solutions can also extend to water companies/kiosks and other vendors which are linked to farming, especially irrigation farming.

The mode, of using Vipimo as a platform for other systems, ensures its scalability into other sectors and industries.



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