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Globally rural-urban migration has become a norm, and this global phenomenon is projected to increase yearly. In fact the UN projects that by 2050 85% of the worlds population will live in cities. With a characteristic no space and technical know-how for farming in urban communities, its obvious that sustainable farming in urban communities will have to take a different structure.

Hence, Virtual farm is using Artificial intelligence and iot to enable urban communities to buy seeds online, sow it online, nurture it online as well as harvest it online. We believe that the future of farming will be reduced to just a tap on the phone, with millennials shying away from agriculture, industrialization taking over space for farming and an increasing food scarcity by UN reports the future of food has never been dicey as it is right now.
Fortunately, Virtual farm is creating the first online digital farm where users buy seed, sow, nurture, monitor as well as harvest their crops online all within a month or two of planting and at a cost 50 percent cheaper than the traditional alternatives.
All virtual farms are communal vertical farms, i.e they are open farms accessible to any user within the cities of our operation, the only difference is that unlike traditional communal owned farms, users can only access our vertical farms through our digital platform but harvest on-site. We are re-inventing the spirit of communal farming but making it digital.
Food cafetarias, aggro allied companies and young people are benefiting from our solution due to the convenience, ease, cost of this solution. While others are attracted to it because we use only vertical organic hydroponic farms which is very Eco-friendly and some others are attracted to the benefit of enjoying green, fresh and organic crops directly from the farm without subjecting to storage and transportation.



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