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VOLTS - ESS for the house which is not only the storage system but the smart device with unique software which undertakes control over energy consumption of the house and exempts human from wasting time on consumption calculation and prediction.

VOLTS is checking right along the information about the grid status in the region it is installed, scrutinizes it basing on bulk electricity providers announcements and the statistics VOLTS gathered before and from the perspective of all the information it checked VOLTS will allow customer to choose the most safe and convenient for him scenario of energy consumption. VOLTS will store energy to protect house from projected grid shutdowns and to keep customer in comfort when his neighbors will suffer lack of electricity. When the electricity tariffs will be too high VOLTS will use stored before energy from PV pannels (because VOLTS knew about tariff changes). VOLTS will analyse periods when customer consumes a lot of energy and optimize all energy consuming processes preventing customer from excessive energy use. Scenarios and behaviors are myriad.

If we examine Sonnen company which European leader of ESS producer and its product Sonnen Batterie it will be clear that Sonnen Batterie - is energy storage system which can be connected to PV pannels and use green energy instead of electrical grid similar to VOLTS. And similar to any storage system Sonnen Batterie provide independence form the grid, home electrical appliances protection from grid breakdowns and in combination with PV pannels storage allows to create a house absolutly independent from the grid.

VOLTS is not just a storage system with all its benefits and special aspects like protection from grid, voltage surges smoothing and so on. VOLTS is software which exempts human from his energy consumption planning and assumes the burden of house energy control.

Software and unique modular capacity system - what makes VOLTS different and preferable from other storage systems. Modular capacity system is possibility to choose what exactly client needs from 2 kWh (1 module) to 12 kWh (6 modules) and these modules are easy to install and easy to take out.

Building a township with every VOLTS in every house and PV pannels. That sort of village will be not only independent from the electric grid and its possible failures but what is the most important that village will be some kind of smart grid with every house included in it. All VOLTS will be combined in agglomerate where every one VOLTS can take or can give energy and information support from/to another VOLTS. In one house of the village PV pannels are operating with 80% effectiveness. VOLTS from other house where PV pannnels are 100% effective "says" VOLTS with 80%: "Hey mate, to create more energy you should place your PV pannels like me (concrete information). My pannels are 100% effective because VOLTS from other side of the village said me that."

And it is only the simpliest example of how such village could operate.



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