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At approximately 19.00 hours daily, when the day is dark, an average, low income earning Nigerian would turn on their fossil fuel powered generator to light up their household, which should last a couple of hours till bedtime, because of the poor power (and green power supply). Everyday, as early as 5.00 hours in the morning, this same Nigerian books a transport in a fossil fuel powered vehicle to their work place. These small and large amounts of climate affecting gases and practices due to unstable power supply and overdependence on fossil fuel products, creates a change that affects the environment and inhabitants. According to business insider, an average of 95 million Nigerians are without power supply, and would most likely indulge in this practice.

With WakaGen, there would be a reduced habit of use of fossil fuel powered generators for power supply. This woulld help in cleaning the atmosphere, as the adverse effects of global warming are slowly reversed. Even better, people only need to go about their normal routines (walking), as WakaGen, harvests, converts and stores the electrical energy generated from the mechanical energy (of walking).



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