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The Cereal Bank is a cereal reserve for speculation when purchase prices are good. .Food insecurity is a threat to the population; it jeopardizes programs designed for successful economic development.

To bring together, through a digital platform, financial products and services aimed at a public excluded from traditional banking channels, such as village farmers in Burkina Faso.More specifically for the first year:

40,400 accounts opening around 200 cereal banks in Burkina Faso (WAKIRé guest has 40,100 individual customers and 300 association customers). With 40% women and 60% men for the first 2 years;
Manage 3000 tons of cereals in the first year;
Contribute to improving cereal storage and save about 15% of crop losses (450 tons of cereals)
Grants 500 credits with an option to purchase for production equipment or equipment allowing monitoring by electronics;
Enable 10,000 people to benefit from the tontines for self-financing;
Enable 25,000 people to have insurance against the fall in cereal prices on the market;
Enable 2,000 people to have micro health insurance against the most common diseases (malaria)



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