WaSH Self Supply in Rural Communities

About Solution

this pump system is a very cheap PVC piston pump for family use, which can both pump water from a well and pump it to an elevated point. For example, it can pump water from 20 meters underground directly to an elevated tank another 20 meters above the ground level. The ability to pump directly to a storage tank avoids handling of the water, which avoids contamination.

In many rural areas, people collect water used for domestic purposes from a central water source. These can be very far away from home, therefore collecting water takes up much time and energy on a daily basis. It is much more convenient to at least connect a distant pump to a local faucet for water in the kitchen, and if possible also for a shower. It also encourages better personal and domestic hygiene. This is possible using the EMAS pump, since it ejects water with the necessary pressure to transport it from its source up to an elevated distribution tank.

Can pump directly into an elevated storage tank, avoiding water handling in buckets

Can be built and repaired by users themselves

Very cheap (less than one tenth of a rope pump in Nicaragua)

Saves time

Less resistant to very intensive use and mistreatment than metal pumps.

Output is on down-stroke. That makes it slightly more complicated to fit a lever or treadle.

Individual households have to spend time and money on maintenance of the tank, etc

Construction, operations and maintenance

The EMAS pump and ferrocement tank need to be operated correctly.

Rural people are easily taught to build their own, using two (glass) marbles, simple PVC pipes, thread adapters and (galvanized) iron pipe, available in any hardware store. The pump uses a gasket that is made from the nylon-reinforced sidewall of used tires, which is widely available and already used in most rural areas for other purposes. Having built their own pump, people are able to maintain it forever. Only basic hand tools required.

Using a ferrocement tank and pipes, it is possible to install a shower and additional tap for laundry or kitchen usage. The tank is arranged on 4 solid wooden supporting beams at a height of about 2m. The distance between the beams should not exceed 80 cm. The shower can be installed under the tank by setting a plastic sheet around the beams to be used as a screen when taking a shower.



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