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RecyGlo is a waste management and data analytics platform that provides recycling solutions B2B and B2B2C and promotes refusing, reducing, reusing, and recycling the waste in Yangon, Myanmar. Our mission is to process materials in a safe, non-hazardous manner with an aim to keep Myanmar, and South East Asia (SEA) environmentally clean.

At its conception, RecyGlo was founded with the mission to create lasting impacts on the approach of waste management in Myanmar and the South East Asian region. Currently serving over 400 non-governmental organizations, companies, hotels, and businesses, RecyGlo collects 100 metric tonnes of waste per month, significantly reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. But more than just an operating and online service, RecyGlo educates, protects (through micro insurances), and helps its clients as well as the overall community promoting the value of sustainable waste management through its platform and events. The significance of this being that the more educated and familiarized people are with recycling, the farther the message is spread. Our awareness training and community workshops allow for community engagement whilst our waste management and recycling services operate to tackle the problem. This combination allows for tangible results not only with our clients but also the community and establishes good practices actioned by RecyGlo.

In Myanmar, approximately 10,000 metric tonnes of waste are dumped on a daily basis and there are weak or non-existent recycling institutions. We want to change that: we want to expand recycling regionally, and we believe that together with the challenge prize we will be able to do so. At RecyGlo, we do not want to miss the chance to continue widening and deepening recycling services in Myanmar and we intend to spread our know-how and experience in the sector by providing our B2B and B2B2C services to individuals and businesses. We are suited to carry out this mission as we already have experience and are the proof that recycling services can be provided in SEA – we are the first and most important recycling platform of Myanmar. We are currently providing training on waste management (with a focus on health, safety, and environmental components), segregation bins, logistics platform, data analytics for waste consumption, and reporting and traceability mechanisms through our dashboard and Oh My Trash App to more than 450 customers in Yangon only.



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