Waste-shrinking toilet that renders clean water and power

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Poor sanitation poisons the environment and contributes to climate change. Every day, in un-sewered communities, 80% (4Bn L/day) of raw human waste is uncollected,  polluting poor communities and poisoning their water sources. Distributed wastewater is one of the biggest yet invisible contributors to carbon emissions. Decentralized human waste contributes 4% of man-made methane emissions (methane is 25x more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas). But, the current alternatives—flushing or frequent sewage collection--are bad for the planet, either consuming water or consuming fuel (thus emitting carbon). By rapidly dehydrating raw sewage waste onsite, the iThrone cuts off methane production from wet raw sewage. Just one of our iThrone toilets shuts down 10-100MT emissions/household/yr from methane off-gassing (equivalent to the carbon emitted driving 1500-3000 miles/yr, or one fifth the distance an average American drives per year). Other measurable environmental benefits would include reductions in: onsite waste accumulation & discharge, haulage frequencies & fuel use. Our solution promotes sustainable sanitation, by averting pollution from the environment, conserving fresh water and avoiding carbon emissions from decentralized waste. Not only does the iThrone NOT need external energy, it converts waste INTO clean power. Rapid dehydration (ie shrinking) of daily onsite waste volumes reduces carbon emissions, avoiding 9-45MM gal gas/toilet/yr (due to reduced frequency of sewage collection and haulage). Not only does the iThrone NOT use or pollute water, it converts waste INTO pure water (and thus avoids the energy used to convey flush water to/from toilets, but also the energy that would be needed to treat the effluent wastewater). One iThrone could replace a flush toilet, thereby avoiding flushing 20K-130K gal/yr of clean water (flushing uses ~12-130x more fresh water than flushed waste per household daily). 



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