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Wastezonis a mobile app based company that connects Households and recycling industries to transact e-wastes.

With annual 130,000 tons of e-waste in East Africa, only 20% of them are collected and recycled. Despite having waste transportation companies, Households still keep e-wastes in their houses for selling or neglecting them, consequently toxic e-wastes products exposure likely to affect human health. This cause operation inconvenience for recycling industries because they spend 3 days per week searching for e-wastes in households. The Unmet gap to fill include Low awareness in households which slow the e-waste management activities and increase investment risks because recycling industries spend a heavy budget and longtime searching e-wastes.

One of the strategies to reduce tons of waste going to the landfills is to close the loops and implement a waste product acquisition model. Wastezon re-imagined a win-win business strategy of helping Both recycling and re-manufacturing industries to acquire their resources (waste products) while simultaneously helping households to make money by disposing of their waste products. Wastezon app uses integrated advanced technology including GPS and messaging features to help recycling or re-processing industries to locate the disposede-waste. With the leasing business model, all kinds of industries with products that could be re-manufactured, wastezon help them to track and give their customers access to their products instead of ownership. This will save their re-manufacturing energy, reducing ecological footprint and close the loop.

Wastezon is contributing to SDG 11 and 13 by helping cities to overcome waste management issues allow them to be clean, resilient and sustainable while also fighting climate change. By helping recycling industries to collect e-wastes efficiently and quickly, wastezon will be advancing SDG 9 hence creating a functioning and upgraded recycling industry system.



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