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Water scarcity and unavailability of proper hygiene is still one of the reasons for so many disease outbreaks and leading cause of spread of many diseases.Cleanliness and hygiene can stop the root cause of many water borne and communicable diseases. This can be really helpful especially for poor people and refugees which live their lives in scarcity and for those who lives in water stressed areas. Various countries are already facing water shortage like South Africa due to which they have to compromise their hygiene in some way. But this compromise cause outbreak of various diseases and suffering of humanity. Due to scarcity of water a lot of people cannot have access to water for bathing and cleaning purposes which requires a lot of water (almost 60-70 litres per capita) and hence causes various diseases. By using “Waterless handwash & bodywash” product we can solve this issue of bathing and cleaning by using very less water (for example: 2-4 litres per capita) or even without use of water. Water scarcity or poverty leads to poor hygiene outcomes and life of poor people worse. Areas like Sub Saharan Africa where water availability is very doubtful personal hygiene becomes a luxury since collecting water is a daunting task and bathing and hand washing requires a huge amount of water as compared to drinking so naturally drinking becomes a priority and it comes at the cost of personal hygiene. If we can cut down the huge consumption of water on bathing and frequent hand washing then it will make life easier. In water stressed areas maintaining personal hygiene with very low water will be very helpful.So, we came up with innovative waterless products which can be used almost without water or with very less water..Such products will not only help people in water scarce areas but will also help us to reduce water consumption and it can be started with places like hotels and we can see if reduced water bath becomes a trend like now carwash with minimum water is becoming a trend since it wastes a lot of water. We aim to provide same hygiene outcomes but with less water uses and thus we will be able to provide better health and hygiene to our fellows with minimum amount of water that would have been otherwise almost impossible.



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