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Water scarcity has become a real problem in today's world.  No water Day declaration in Capetown of South is a warning sign of what can happen in any place of the world. Sub Saharan countries have been facing water scarcity for a long time. In such conditions, hygiene is compromised first and this increases the chances of a disease outbreak. Cities which are accompanied by unplanned slums are prone to such conditions on a regular basis where water supply and drainage facility is not there. 

Normally much focus has been there on increasing the supply to bridge the supply-demand gap. But we take a more sustainable stand where we want to decrease consumption without compromising the quality of life. We have made waterless personal hygiene products like handwash, body wash etc which can be used with minimum (4-5 litres)  amount of water as an alternative to regular bath and cleanliness or hygiene will be comparable. 



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