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My idea consists of the construction of a big commercial & residential complex to hold all the homeless and refugees of the city without creating the slightest burden on the government expenses but with the consolidation of citizens through a solution similar to the social insurance system entitled "Everyone benefits" in the aim of getting rid of what is called “refugees camp.”

Unlike charitable associations whose incomes depend on various contributions of citizens, we will need a steady income. As a first step, we will consider that we own a piece of land granted by the government to build this complex considering that, in every city, we find donors of lands or houses for the benefit of the state or associations so that they can be used for various charitable actions.

As a second step, and after the signing of agreement between citizens and the government, this later works on the deduction of a symbolic monthly contribution from the salary of citizens who reach the minimum wages, and work in the private or public sector, without affecting their local purchasing power, and in return, every month, they benefit from services in this complex with a promotional rate (- 20%) concerning all offered services that exist also in other stores and malls outside the complex with a superior price (a manner to encourage them to sign the agreement), with the possibility to buy with the symbolic sum taken from the salary as it is a saved sum, to prove that really everyone benefits from this project.




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