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"WE ARE THERE " meant to impact an idea to the world on how we as a human being should help the people in rural areas on how they can overcome poverty and while doing so, how also they can conserve environment by using  different tools in their agricultural activities. By this idea it is my hope that  rural transformations and zero hunger in the village is absolutely possible.

Though my idea will literally differ to the main point on rural transformation and zero hunger in the village, but at some point will help on one way or another  how the people in the rural areas should be reached out in terms of helping them.

The main reason to choose rural areas  is because the public at large focus only in helping those who are in the cities/urban areas which is not bad BUT leaving the rural areas with minimal or not attended at all in terms of helping them thus why the idea of"WE ARE THERE " come in to show that there are people who really care.

My solution to this problem in rural transformation and zero hunger in rural  areas are categories as follows:

-Emphasise on the  government about the importance of supplying and  providing the villagers with the simpler tools towards agricultural activities which they conduct everyday such as tractors. In the rural areas in my country, a lot of villagers do use a handhoe to cultivate a huge piece of land for agricultural purposes, some do have animals such as cows and donkeys which they use a hand made machine like to cultivate or to help them in agricultural activities. 

Another way to end poverty in the rural areas or zero hunger in the village is by directly involvement of the people who lives in urban areas to help those who are less advantageous living in rural areas by providing them with books, clothes, food  and this is the reason why at first  I presented that my ideas are little bit different but with the same aim of ending  hunger in the rural areas.

By the help of "WE ARE THERE" movement  the communities will be aware on how they can conserve the environment and on how are they going to survive hunger. it can and will help the children's to feel that there are people in the World who are there to help them to make their life simple  because they are also human being and for that they are part and parcel of the same world. Not only the Childrens in rural areas but also the women and men that live in such village  WE ARE THERE'  meant to show that we are equally born and no body was born to suffer basing on lack of food or even clothes.

In pursuing this aim of eradicating poverty in rural areas, I have an idea of making sure that both public and private institution in my country have the so called "box /like a dustbin " which will be placed all over public and private offices in which will attract both normal citizen and the public servant plus the private servants on helping those who live in rural areas  and this will be done by contribution (both monetary and clothes or even food).

Clean and safe water in the rural areas, this is another aspect on how the rural transformation and zero hunger will be affected. This will be through corroborating with the government in the supply of clean and safe water to the villagers. Even though there are several projects as in regard with clean and safe water in the rural areas, "WE ARE THERE" Movement will be there to make sure that people in rural areas do get clean and safe water either by directly  participation  or though raising awareness among the villagers.

The other thing is Creating  awareness to the people on the safest ways towards conserving the environment while they conduct their agricultural activities.This will be done through educating the villagers. To succeed on this we will need on media coverage.

Rural transformation and zero hunger is possible only if the populations in the urban areas takes a step to help those who are in need particularly in the rural areas. Most of the time People only focuses on urban areas where there are centres for orphanages and different charities groups living the rural areas unattended that is why it os my belief  that any village can transform from one stage to another by the help of the people who are situated in the cities.

This is because in the urban area is where at large different  social services are easily attainable compared to the rural areas,  and this will only be possible if they step out to help, a simple example is that economic and social services are found easier in the urban areas where it is a comfortable environment that anyone can ever live.  It is my sincerely belief that rural transformation and zero hunger in the rural areas is totally possible and can be attained by such means 

Another thing is by the help of different Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

The Non Governmental Organizations plays a greater role in any government, by directly involving them on the issue like this one on rural transformation and zero hunger in rural areas. These organization in their capacity they do help those who are in great need be it in legal matters, social matters or even political matters without forgetting economic matters.

The challenging issue on these organizations is that a lot of them  are situated in urban areas hence leading the issues of rural transformation and zero hunger in rural areas to remain like a dream to some of us who just have an idea but how to implement it, becomes also a challenge.

Again  emphasis on the international organizations such as Food and Agriculture organization (FAO)  and (UNHCR)to amend and modify certain policies on the issue of helping those who live in rural areas in terms of food . The organization like these they do help but there is a need to amend certain policies on the providing food to the rural areas. By the help of WE ARE THERE movement different officials concerning this issue can say together in order to formulate or to amend a certain law on the issue of hunger in the rural areas in  reaching almost the whole village even the remoteness areas thereto. All these will be the strategies towards zero hunger in rural areas.

Cooperation  with the government on the issues surrounding different rural areas particularly the government way forward towards improving the lives on the rural areas . A lot of people who live in rural areas do not have access to any informations as regard to their Nation. By this movement of WE ARE THERE  of course with coperation in the government,it will help a lot of people who live in the village to understand different plans that their government has towards developing the country at large, by this it will help in a great way towards zero hunger in any village and then total rural transformation to that village.

WE ARE THERE  as discussed above meant to show that there are people who cares.



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