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The current problems in the food systems like food wastage, unsustainable agricultural practices, unequal distribution of food resources and the disconnect between food production and consumption have their root in the industrialized food production systems driven by Agro-based companies. While we cannot wholly replace the supply of large-scale food production practices by decentralized, locally grown food, we propose to nudge people into a growing diet based nutrient supplements at their own home using our product.

Our approach to addressing the challenge is to target the demand side of the food system to bring about a cascading positive change in the whole system. The product will enable people to take care of their nutritional requirements by giving them the power to grow nutrient-rich vegetation which is specific to their individual requirements at their own homes. This will take care of their dietary needs and cater to the hidden hunger for nutrition which remains a growing problem today. A sufficient nutrient diet would positively affect people’s long-term health and by doing so, reduce their reliance on pharma based nutritional supplements. We envision a world where nobody would require taking artificial nutrient supplements for lifestyle diseases through the use of our product.

The very act of growing your own food will also create a deep level of engagement between people and their food. This will make them sensitive to the other food choices they make every day. We expect a gradual reduction in the demand for processed food and food product and positive demand for healthier, natural food supplies due to the increased awareness about the food being consumed by an individual. This demand for more robust, natural food supplies would spur Agro-based industries to shift to sustainable food practices which will create a large-scale impact in the food system.



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