Wealth Creation and Achieving Food Security

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Challenge - Rural Transformation and Zero Hunger

Solution - To address this challenge, we are currently investing a poultry production and processing facility. The facility produces chicken meat and eggs to help provide nutritious meals for Nigerians as over 36.5% of our protein needs comes from the poultry industry. However, one third of every five child that grows in Nigeria are stunted, we import 60% of our chicken meat need, though smuggled and getting to households in very unhygienic conditions. We also import over one billion USD worth of powdered eggs. 

However, to create wealth in rural communities and eliminate hunger, the poultry processing facility relies on numerous smallholder farmers who produce live chickens for us. We also run a zero waste facility that converts our chicken dungs into organic fertilizer for smallholder crop farmers to have greater yields. This is crucial because Nigeria currently applies 13kg/ha of arable land as against the 200kg/ha recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization. We also adopt technollogy to train prospective agro-entreprenuers via videos and e-books. We require more resources to scale our solution to make greater impact.

In summary, we produce chicken meat and eggs  to meet our nutrition needs especially for growing children

Have smallholder farmers raise and supply us live chickens - they are guaranteed sales and increase disposable income

Have smallholder farmers enjoy access to quality organic fertilizer which guarantees increase yield and food production as well as more income for rural and smallholder farmers. 

Ultimately, the environment is also conversed and food produced sustainably while we raise more people to replicate this through our poultry production and management training delivered both offline and online.



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